I am creating a series of daily planners to meet your daily needs. I am constantly searching for paper to write down grocery lists record my latest bill amounts and record my daily vitamin intake. So I wondered what if I created journals for different categories to replace the lose paper I am always looking for. So I decided to create a low content journals to record your daily tasks. Each journal will be priced for under 5 US dollars. So far I have created three journals to record your everyday tasks. Grocery list journal Record your daily grocery lists in this handy 100 page journal. Grocery List Planner: Grocery list journal.: O, Tommy: Books Weight Tracking Journal Stay healthy by recording your daily weight in pounds or kilograms. Personal Weight Log: Personal weight tracker: O, Tommy: Books Bill paying journal A journal to record your monthly utility bill payments such as electricity bill, phone bill and cable bill.  Balanced Ledger: A Guide to Tracking D